Školení řízení projektů

We are providing modern and practical online trainings supporting agile methodologies used in effective project management.

What you can expect

Practice, practice and practice again. We will try to effectively demonstrate several model situations and examples that could improve your work on projects


Training of agile project management is carried out in the modern premises of our company headquarter seating in Ostrava or on skype webinar. If you are interest in such training, please fill below form

Course description

  • Lenght: 8 hours
  • Content - theory: Basic principles of agile project methodologies (Scrum vs Waterfall )
  • Content - practice: Agile project management simulation through game + demonstration in software for project management
  • Lectors: 2x professional project managers
  • Location: Training center in Ostrava or Skype
  • Price included: Training in the specified content + test software for project management for 14 days
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