Systems for effective project management

We are implementing IT solutions for online project management and efficient support of company processes.


Why to use 5 systems for company management if you can have just one, which will help you to cover CRM, Project management - tasks, finances, documents, invoicing and Helpdesk


We have had a lot of successful implementations of project management systems, especially in Central & Eastern Europe for different industries like IT, machinery, automotive, design.

Peter Drunek

Peter Drunek

Quality Manager / Hern

Easy Project is helping us with project management and thanks to its control mechanisms we are able to follow processes in machinery industry.
Anna Lojewska

Anna Lojewska

Project manager / STER

Thanks to Easy Redmine we are able to track projects, deadlines, control and assign work to employees and online cooperate.
Pavel Gasparovič

Pavel Gasparovič

CEO / Binario

Thanks to Easy Redmine we are able to online cooperate on projects in real time and deliver services in expected quality.