PM systems implementation

We are performing initial analyzes, install servers, train users and assist in the testing and deployment into production together with delivery of project management solution.

Implementation in practice

The customer can choose whether the interest in solutions to own server or cloud, and then can choose the type of implementation: basic or advanced

Typical implementation

  • Analysis: discussion of the needs and current processes with a proposed solution in our system
  • System installation: preparation of the environment, setting roles, users, workflow
  • Users training: training for administrators, managers, workers
  • Pilot project: support for simulation of running a real project
  • Evaluation: response to findings from the pilot project, suggestions, additional modifications
Peter Drunek

Peter Drunek

Quality Manager / Hern

In our complex company processes and the needs to adapt methodologies and other standards (Kaizen) the increased activity from implementer was really necessary

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